Film & Discussion: Color Adjustment by Marlon Riggs

Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 1:30pm
Ceremonial Hall (4th Floor)

Our monthly social justice documentary and discussion series, every 3rd Sunday! Presented by the Ethical Action Committee.

Color Adjustment is the second documentary we are showing by Marlon Riggs (last month we saw Ethnic Notions) as part of an attempt to enable us to gain insight into how much subliminal racism in the media continues to influence our perceptions of race. Color Adjustments analyzes the evolutions of American television’s portraits of blacks from 1948 through 1988.

MARLON RIGGS was a black gay writer, filmmaker, and social activist who died in 1994 from Aids. The New Yorker magazine (2/11/2019), in writing about the retrospective of his work at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in February, said his films “are essays in the truest sense of the word – attempts at describing the world both metaphorically and actually.”